Who We Are



RUBIO STONE, we are a leading company in the natural stone sector.

We are the 3rd generation of a family dedicated to the extraction and processing of natural stone.

We are a global company, because our activity includes the complete cycle of manufacturing our natural stone products. This activity ranges from the extraction of raw materials from our exclusive quarries to the transformation and production of the final or intermediate product desired by the client.


RUBIO STONE bases its current development on an important commitment to international expansion, permanent research and development, training, equality, occupational health and safety, with total respect for the environment, following the programmed sustainability and responsibility protocols. .


Our stones are a guarantee of quality.

Their natural chromatic effects identify them as unique pieces worldwide.

Its use in construction enriches buildings and constructions, giving them distinction and elegance.


So that the entire process is satisfactory for the end client, RUBIO STONE has a qualified technical team that works to connect the needs of clients and designers with the production processes.

All this with the purpose of providing solutions and design alternatives, both aesthetic and constructive, to the clients' ideas.

Our response to requests for technical queries and quotes is immediate.


RUBIO STONE thanks you for your attention.

We continue working to satisfy the needs of our clients, we hope you will join them.


The evolution of RUBIO STONE has introduced concepts such as: quality, sustainability, innovation, training, research and development and internationalization into its daily work.

All of this allows us to affirm that Rubio Natural Stones and its human team make up a company with its own identity throughout the world.


RUBIO STONE has its own exclusive quarries, which constantly provide raw materials for subsequent selection and transformation.

The autonomy of our company ensures that our production and supply commitments to the customer are fully guaranteed.


Thanks to advanced technology and the quality and shape of the raw material, the formats available in RUBIO STONE become unlimited. It is the designer who sets the limits of the shapes and sizes that want to be moulded, always respecting the nature of the raw material.

Even faster and more efficient service is our commitment.

The entire process, from when the stone is extracted from the quarry until the manufactured piece reaches its final destination, is based on a total quality system.

The physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics of the raw material, combined with the technological possibilities of transformation, are the tools that the large and young team of technicians handles in order to guide and satisfy the client's needs to give the best use to our stones.


Our technical organization pays special attention to the selection and classification of blocks, to guarantee that our customers will always receive pieces of the highest quality.

Knowing and accompanying the stone from its origin to the final product is essential to obtain a unique result.